2019 FOTY Contenders

Williams vs Hurd


Porter vs Spence


Paquiao vs Thurman


Donaire vs Inoue


Ramirez vs Hooker


Lobov vs Knight


2018 BOUTS

2018 Fight of the YEAR Saucedo vs Zappavigna

Saucedo vs Zappavigna

Saucedo vs Zappavigna stole the show from the main event Ramirez vs Angulo.  June 30, 2018 Top Rank undercard fight was a stunning bloody war. In the 7th Rd Saucedo won by TKO.  But what made this fight extraordinary was the 4th Rd.  Saucedo was met with Zappavigna's flurry of punches in bunches.  A definite contender for Round of the year also!  We would see a Saucedo/Zappavigna 2!

Wilder VS Ortiz


BPH includes this fight because it was a sensational display these two boxers put on for the fans.  The fight was almost ended in the 9th for a Ortiz win, but later in the fight Wilder recovered and took the "W".  If you missed this fight be sure to go back and see the highlights.

Mattysse VS Kiram

Matthysse vs Kiram

Lucas Matthysse was not having a great performance in this HBO televiseded fight.  That was until his power showed up out of no where in a big way!  Yes he still got it!  This win Solidifying his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao in July 2018!  Make sure you see this KO- Power boxer.

Lara vs Hurd


This fight was  "Very LEGENDARY" because of the excitement of the fight and the KO in the 12th and final round. A rematch has been ordered by the WBA but who knows if it will really happen or not?  This fight was so action packed that ESPN made it their 2018 Fight of the Year!

Broner vs Vargas


Vargas started out strong in this fight, outworking Broner.  Then Broner started forcing the action and breaking down Vargas mid-way the fight.  Vargas wore down but had a spirt of energy by the final round... leaving two judges with  dead-even scorecards with each fighter getting the 12th Rd.  Leaving the 3rd judges score for Broner to a draw.  Rematch anyone?

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury


This anticipated Heavyweight fight lived up to the hype.  Fury used his tricky skills to be illusive to Wilder.  Wilder's answer was a controversial Knockout/knockdown in the 12th.  How Fury got up No One knows.  Once the judges card was announced as a Draw...We all knew there would be WilderFury2.


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pacquiao vs thurman

Does a Thurman Win Mean a Changing of the Guard at 147?

The possible fight of the year could be scheduled for July 20, 2019, at MGM Grand Las Vegas between welterweights WBA Regular Champion Senator Manny Pacquiao against WBA Super Champion Keith Thurman.  Both men are considered two of the best in the welterweight division.  But if Pacquiao's loses this bout will his boxing career be symbolically seen as the changing of boxer’s best from a new generation of boxers.  Ushering in a change in boxing fans' perception of who is considered old and who’s the next level.  This is just the scenario Champion Keith Thurman has stated will occur when he wins on July 20th.  Does he have a point?  

We all remember the days of Manny and Floyd Mayweather being compared, they were even one and two on the pound for pound list for a few years.  Both men had not agreed to fight each other until that much anticipated May 2, 2015 bout.  Many were disappointed in the performance of Pacquiao, but still felt he was one of the elite fighters in the division.  Even though the loss to Mayweather that night, he has seven losses out of 61 bouts, but he is no longer on the pound for pound list for many outlets.  In comparison, Thurman has not been on the pound for pound list at all.  Some of which is due to the politics of boxing, the other Half has little to do with his actually highly skilled talent but because of inactivity after injuries.  Before his layoff ‘One Time” fought two back to back tough fights against the young but dangerous Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter.  Pulling out victories in both bouts.  At that point, he should have been included in a Pound for Pound list, but because of factions and different promotional and network camps we deal with today, his name was dismissed. From consideration.  He, unlike Pacquiao he is 29-0 with zero no contest.  

This fight could end up being a serious contender for fight of the year but what does a Manny Pacquiao “L” mean for other welterweights in the division that are considered older and that have not retired?  

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WBA Regular Champion, Senator Pacquiao vs WBA Super Champion , Keith "One Time" Thurman Presser!

WBA Regular Champion, Senator Pacquiao vs WBA Super Champion , Keith "One Time" Thurman Presser!