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                                             "Winky" Wright Gives Solid Advice at Saturday Night Brawl

Fan support is Important


by Sakura, BPH Writer

We sincerely  hope that our Boxing PlayHouse Inc's. Website, podcast, and social media post reach the most important  fans.  We want fans to be more engaged, more knowledgeable, and understanding of the sport .  We are looking for more fan participation and support from true boxing fans and casual ones too.  We think its important that people get a perspective of boxing from the fan's experience.  The fun, the anticipation, and the exuberance that boxing fans feel throughout a boxing event is something special.  Please make sure you to attend and support boxers as much of their lives are dedicated to our enjoyment.  Root for the power puncher, the underdog, or the super stars of boxing because it makes you feel oh so good.  Please enjoy yourself with your friends and family and reach out to our team for more information on traveling with us or participation locally. 

Thank you,

Sakura A.

Boxing PlayHouse

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The Power of Wilder  vs Size and Mobility of Fury is what this fight is all about!  The WBC Heavyweight Champion will defend his belt against the Lineal Champion Tyson Fury once again!  Who will win ...stay tuned for more info on this Heavyweight showdown we've all been waiting for a definitive winner after their controversial first fight's Draw.  We want to know who will face Anthony Joshua in a Unification Heavyweight Championship Bout!

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