Mark Reyes Jr.

This sensational welterweight is "Very Legendary"!  In between training, boxing as a professional boxer, and taking care of his family; he finds time to volunteer  to support and help motivate  children with cancer.  Reyes organizes  Boxing Clinics for the young patients at the Children Cancer Center in Tampa, FL!  

He has a bright future in the welterweight division.  But boxing opponents don't get it twisted... Mark may be a caring teddy bear outside the ring; but that won't stop in from having that killer instinct in the ring.  FYI most of his fights are won by KO!  Thanks to Fire Fist Promotions we saw gaining a W and a ABF Welterweight Title Saturday Oct. 6th,2018. 

You can purchase a MRJ Bobble Head with proceeds going toward Children's Cancer Center of Tampa, FL.  For more info on how to purchase go to https://mrjboxing.com/.


Lou Del Valle

LOU DEL VALLE, Former WBA Light Heavyweight Champion and Boxing Trainer Extraordinaire!  Lou could have easily went into retirement never to be heard from again.  Fortunately for all us boxing fans he has a passion and love for boxing.  Sharing his high boxing IQ and insight with the new generation of prize boxers at the Mayweather Boxing Gym in Las Vegas.  He continues his fun and enthusiasm for the sport.  For him training our next nominee (Badou Jack) has been very rewarding to him.  We look forward to many more years of education from this Legendary Champ!


Badou Jack

Badou Jack "The Ripper", Two-Time Boxing Champion!  Badou originally from Sweden was a long way geographically from the Glitz and Glamour  of the lights of Las Vegas and a chance for a professional boxing career.  He fought his way into his boxing destiny one fight at a time.  He takes risk and never dodges an opportunity to test his skill against high level opposition.  Only true Champions have the heart to never back down.  This earned him Championships in the Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Division.  Here's to the re-match between Badou vs Stevenson happening and Badou becoming a Three Time Champion in this fight.

What really sets this elite fighter apart from the rest is his humanitarian work with underprivileged families.  His foundation, The Badou Jack Foundation has programs that focus on the needs of families in war torn countries like Syria for example.  He is providing nutritional meals and educational tools to children in Refugee camps.  He believes it is his duty as a Muslim to help as many people as possible.  He continues to expand his foundation work and raise money for humanitarian work Globally. 

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Stedman Bailey

Stedman Bailey, Promising - NFL Player and an Inspiration!  Sometimes you have to give props to someone that may not be in your favorite sport, but is "Very Legendary" none the less.  This guy is anything but ordinary.  Fighting back to a full miraculous recovery after taking two bullets in the head.  He is now fighting his way back on the NFL field.  His never give-up attitude is a inspiration to us all.


Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez, WBC Super Lightweight Champion and Immigration Advocate/ Humanitarian.  Ramirez continues to offer his voice to millions of immigrants that cannot do so for themselves.  Winning his WBC Championship in his last belt; we now know its not just hype...but he's the real deal!  We can't wait to see how this Boxer continues to use his platform and new Championship Belt to further his goals to help others in such a meaningful way.


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